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Business hours: 7 am - 4 pm Mon-Fri

Topflight Grain will offer FREE DP on corn and beans beginning 1-10-18.  The rate will be free till 7-31-18, and then rate in effect.  This will apply to bushels delivered to full time facilities based on space availability

Join us for fun, food and the best of summer activities in our local communities:
This link will get you started:

All bids, prices & information subject to confirmation


Atwood 217-615-1348   Atlanta 217-648-2318
Beason 217-447-3244   Bement 217-678-2261
Cisco 217-669-2141   Emery 217-794-2240
Johnston Siding 217-732-4277   Kruger 217-735-1178
LaPlace 217-677-2111   Lawndale 217-732-7356
Maroa 217-794-5533   Milmine 217-763-6311
Monticello 217-762-2163   Pierson 217-615-1349
Toll-free 888-762-2163      
Seymour 217-687-4540   TFG fax 217-762-5500