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Business hours: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm

To our text users: We are currently having difficulties with text messages to our AT&T customers.  We are working on it with our provider and AT&T.  This effects our text bids, rainfall reports, and general text messages that you receive from Topflight Grain.  We apologize and promise you that we have been and will continue to work on it until the problem is solved.

Post-harvest storage/DP rates for grain hauled into Topflight facilities from bags/farm bins.

Free DP for corn beginning delivery date March 4th, till July 31, 2019. 
Free DP for beans beginning delivery date June 1, till July 31, 2019.
Based on space availability; delivery to a TFG full-time facility. Confirm your delivery with your local TFG manager.  

Corn delivered prior to March 4 - daily rate of 1/10 cent per day. 

Soybeans delivered prior to June 1 - 3 cent in charge plus daily rate of 1/10 cent per day.
Grain may be placed on hold for 1 week to make decision to store or sell; after the week is up  then the daily rate goes back to the day the grain was delivered.

All bids, prices & information subject to confirmation


Atwood 217-615-1348   Atlanta 217-648-2318
Beason 217-447-3244   Bement 217-678-2261
Cisco 217-669-2141   Emery 217-794-2240
Johnston Siding 217-732-4277   Kruger 217-735-1178
LaPlace 217-677-2111   Maroa 217-794-5533
Milmine 217-763-6311   Monticello 217-762-2163
PIerson 217-615-1349   Toll-free 888-762-2163
Seymour 217-687-4540   TFG fax 217-762-5500